I am a father, and web developer.
I am working on a product to teach my daughter, and other kids how to program.

Follow my journey on my blog, to learn about my approach, intuitions and funny behind the scenes.

I am Bruno, web developer, passionate about programming.

I love almost everything about my job. I like debugging1 subtle bugs2. It makes me feel like a detective who's investigating a mysterious crime (and most of the time I am the assassin, too). During these years I've discovered that there's always a great learning opportunity hiding inside a bug I can't initially figure out. I like learning stuff and I love it when the aha moment finally arrives. And I love even more working on new things: I become the architect of a little new world, whose prosperity depends on my choices. It's almost like playing with Lego, and I actually love them too.

I am also a father and I love spending time with my daughter more than anything else! She's still a little girl and she loves playing with me, too. Together we do all kinds of activities. At the moment, her favorite games are role-play games. So, when I arrive home from work, I take off my programmer hat and put on a doctor’s hat, or a clerk’s hat, or a little baby’s hat (I don't know if they really use hats, BTW).

She's also attracted to technology and curious about computers. Some time ago, I published a series of mini games I had developed in order to help her familiarize with the mouse. She liked it a lot - yay! - and I was impressed by how quickly she made progress. We've also hacked together the code of one of those games in order to add new colors... but that's another story.

I would love to share with her my passion for programming one day. But don't get me wrong on this: I'll be more than happy if she gets a job she is passionate about, whatever the job is. Anyway, and no matter what their job will be, children apparently benefit from developing problem solving and computational thinking skills in their early years. So, here we go... this blog is about the story of me and my daughter learning programming and most importantly having fun together. I'll share our progress, the teaching approach, intuitions and funny stories.

I am also working on a product that could help my daughter learn programming while having fun. If it works, I may start a Kickstarter campaign at some point. If you're interested, please subscribe to my blog updates.

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  • 1debugging : The process of finding and resolving defects or problems within a computer program that prevent correct operation of computer software or a system (Ref. wikipedia) ~ Top.
  • 2bug : An error in a computer program or system ~ Top.